Monday, August 29, 2011

photo of the day

i use to play volleyball & this just reminds me of how much i still love it and miss it, also the fact that i dont want fall or winter to come :/

Thursday, August 25, 2011

photo of the day

so ive been super busy with my first week of school (for dental hygiene) & i feel like its just going to get more stressful and i feel like a storm of anxiety is comming :/

Sunday, August 21, 2011

photo of the day

i wish i was here right now, im starting school tmw, which will completely suck so i want to somehow just poof outta here and to this very spot with the elephants and the mountains. at least looking at this picture gives me some serenity

Friday, August 19, 2011

places i want to travel to

i do not want to have children, i never have and i am the oldest of 4 children, with many years in between, so i have already been through helping multiple children grow up.  so when i get older i want to travel. not a lot but i have a few places i def want to go to with christopher and if i do like traveling then maybe i will find other places.

the first is automatic, ive always wanted to travel to Europe, and more specific my first stop would be Italy. i am part Italian but i have always loved the city and people.  i want to see the trevi fountain and the colosseum in rome and of course from watching the move "under the tuscan sun" i want to see the country lands of italy.  i dont know if i'd be too fond of driving on the oppisite side of the road tho.

secondly would be greece.  my relatives became very close with a family from greece so being around them i have learned to love the culture, it is one of the most beautiful places and the people are amazing, so kind and laid back.  if i could have chosen my heritage i would have chosen to be greek.  the food is fantastic and i want to see all the beautiful houses and beachs and small stores. 

thirdly would be mine and christopher's honeymoon.  i want to go somewhere tropical to relax and i want to go to a white sand beach so badly.  the exact tropical place is undecided yet.  my first thought is Jamica if i want to travel outside the states, my second chocie would be Hawaii becasue i think it is the most beautiful place too.  of course i would want to scuba dive or some activity like that but christopher is terrified of fish and we are both uneasy about being in large bodies of water.  either way it would be relaxing and exclusive, yet sociable.

fouth is a place that me and christopher would both love to go to but not for our honeymoon.  (paris is the city of love though) the places to visit are amazing, i want to see the eiffel tower, and he wants to go to that museum with the glass triangle.  i think it is a beautiful city and i loved learning about the french revolution when i was younger.

the last place i positivly want to go to before i die is britain.  i love the accents, the history, the places. everything. they make the best tv shows and some of the food is delicious lol i want to ride a double decker bus also lol

well as i am a broke ass college student i will have to stay at home and dream of the places that i want to go to.  i see the world as bigger than us and i want to see it all.  and for now i will have to only travel a hour north to visit my wonderful city of chicago, whichi am perfectly fine with :]

Thursday, August 18, 2011

video of the day

haha i know people could actually think of this stuff but the fact that they actually made it is hilarious because we all knew it would never make it to tv. still hilarious.

big brother (jeff)

on this season of big brother and the 11th season of big brother jeff was and is my favorite, including his girlfriend jordan. he is smart, he is cute, he is just a great guy, also he's from chicago (represent!).  so i was heart broken when i saw on yesterday's episode that he smokes. bummer!

but then i saw online that he stated that he never really smoked befroe but being in the house is so stressful that he buckled.  this relieves me and so christopher and i would still adopt him and jordan into our marriage if we could ;]

also tonight's episode will be scary and im afraid that daniele (a disgrace to my own name, i hate her) will take either adam or shelly of the block and backdoor rachel or brenden. that would flip the whole house around for the rest of the game.

oh and ps i found a picture of rachel's o face...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

beautiful tattoos 1

ive just been browsing on google at random tattoos and ive found some that i wouldn't get but i think they are so beautiful and a appriciate them.

this is the only butterfly tattoos i love.  butterflies are so cliche but i find this one classy and it is not trampy.  the monarch butterfly is realtistic and how it is flying up the back looks really good.

i even like it before it was colored in.

this is my tattoo, yes it is very small and simple but thats why i like it.  its a heart so ill never get sick of it and it is in a place that will not stretch or get distorted. it was a great 1st tattoo.

this is the tattoo that the girl who played tea on the u.s. version of skins has, they included it into the show and i love it.  the font & the saying which is from a poem by c.c. cummings.  i dont like the placement but she is extremly skinny so she can pull it off.

as you can see i love saying tattoos so i also love megan fox's side tattoo. it says " and those who danced were thought to be insane by those who couldn't hear the music"

she also has the onlyyy face tattoo i like, which is of maryln monroe. but i heard that she is getting it removed so im a little sad.

well ill post some more tattoos that i enjoy soon so stay posted

how i met your mother

so i got my boyfriend (christopher) the 4th season of how i met your mother, one of the bestttt shows ever written.  i got it for him 1.) because he only has 1 thru 3 and 2.) because ive been trying to watch them in order and i was dying to continue.  so as soon as i gave it to him i imeditally borrowed it from him and am watching it now. 

so as i watch it it always makes me happy, no matter what my problems are, im in love with lily and marshall. me & christopher can relate to them, they had been together for a long time (9 years) until they got married. the only difference is 1.) they met in college whereas we me in high school and 2.) they want kids.  but as much as i want our realtionship to be as sucessful as lily & marshall's i have to remind myself that they are a fictional relationship and fictional characters.  also i'd say that me & christopher are more comfortable with each other ( lily and marshall have odd things about bathroom rules) and i never had a crazy bf before christopher (scooter...eww)

otherwise they are the best couple (even if fake) ive ever seen and it is what me and christopher strive to be, and that makes me happy.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


hahahaha omg sorry lawon you dug your own game and are officially the worst floater/game player in big brother history.  brenden fights like hell & crushes lawon (with the help of cheerleader rachel) and rachel's face the entire episode is what im assuming is her "o-face" and im actually happy to see her and brenden reunited. we can see more of this: rachel can stop being like this:

 now the veterans (minus daniele) can kick out other idiotic players (kalia and daniele). itll be great, i cant wait for jeff to rip kalia a new one.  although my number ones are jeff and jordan forever im still extremely happy that brenden and rachel are back to fight and make this show so much more entertaining.  now to see who wins the next HOH, hoping that jeff or jordan gets it.  anyone BUT daniele, please lol

it amazes me that the tolken dude from this season (lawon) is so stupid versus the tolken gay dude from last season (regan) who was almost a master mind, im disapointed

big brother 13

i'm a newish fan of this show, i think its fantastic! & the twist for tonight is to vote one person back into the game so that the person evicted tonight can fight to get each other back in the game.  since lawon put himself up to be nominated i want brenden to be voted to crush lawon so he can come back in the game. lawon is dumb and a floater so he needs to leave. brenden and rachel (who are so annoying yet entertaining) actually deserve to win since they are so good at competing.

but we will seeee tonight.....

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

when i have problems overwhelming me....

...i look up photography that makes me feel small & all my problems irrelevant. i call it photo-therapy.

Blog Title

i decided to name the blog "sweet soma". i wanted to make this blog to freely give my thoughts and things that make me happy in life so i remembered a word out of one of my favorite books: Brave New World.  in which the people all took a drug called soma that made them only feel pleasure and not think about the problems of the world, which is why i wanted this blog.  also the strokes have a song called soma that corralates with the book and is called soma. 

a) a drug used in Huxley's futuristic utopian novel "Brave New World." The substance is supposed to have the affect of modern drugs, yet no side-effects. Could describe bliss, oblivion, pure love, or pure utopia.
b) in reference to the body

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Batman Tattoo 1

found this today, first two things you should know about me: 1.) i do not like to use capital letters & 2.) i love batman, i always have. he proves that you do not have to have superpowers or be bitten by a radioactive spider to be a super hero. I love this tattoo, i would not get it by any means but it is beautiful. 
another batman tattoo that i love is on a girl's foot, i would again not get this extensive of a tattoo but maybe like one of the logos.
now knowing me, i like small classy tattoos that can be hidden (i have so far only a small outline of a simple heart on my ankle) so i would be up to getting a simple logo like this (see below) on a hidden area, no ideas yet. i love the original logo with the yellow but im not keen on color tattoos, only black or white ink.
finally ill leave you with some batman tattoos i found that were ugly, outrageous or just made me laugh, enjoy :]

 too much
 tramp stamp? eww
 you dont mix those two, grr
 hatersss. he is def not gay
 crazyyy, wish it woulda come out better

First Posttttttt

My first post :]
I know not many will look at this or subscribe but it is more just for me & my thoughts on things that I find beautiful or funny or just catch my attention.

well here it goes........