Thursday, November 3, 2011

real world: san diego

so now that real world has been half over i have come to realize that this is the "gay season". every single episode has revolved somehow about sam & frank's sexuality.  the only other topic that has really been hit on this season is nate's suicide experience and charity.  although i do not mind & have open views towards the gay community it is being thrown in everyone's face evey episode and i think that it is in part due to the boringness of the cast (with the exception of priscilla & nate):

alex: she's just odd.  she is too quiet, doesn't do anything, petty fightings with her bf, she likes to sing but weve only heard it once.  also her voice annoys me & she was just constantly picking the dumbest fights with her bf

ashley & zach: they do not each get their own snip bc they are one person.  they do everything together, they act the same way and never do anything without one another.  they rarely go out. ive never seen either of them drunk. they are the most annoying, stuck up, boring couple ever, ohh and they are not even a couple. it would at least be better if they were hooking up but they have not even kissed.

so i put together a small but accuate list of the things ashley & zach do:
*sit around
*shoot guns
*wash zach's face with a million face products
*read books in bed like an old couple
*talk about how hot each other is
*bitch about frank & gay people
*break dishes
*do their hair
*work out
*nothing else, thats about it

hopefully the season will get better & the cast will start doing other activities and be more of now i already cannot wait for the next season, fingers crossed for real world chicago #2