Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Batman Tattoo 1

found this today, first two things you should know about me: 1.) i do not like to use capital letters & 2.) i love batman, i always have. he proves that you do not have to have superpowers or be bitten by a radioactive spider to be a super hero. I love this tattoo, i would not get it by any means but it is beautiful. 
another batman tattoo that i love is on a girl's foot, i would again not get this extensive of a tattoo but maybe like one of the logos.
now knowing me, i like small classy tattoos that can be hidden (i have so far only a small outline of a simple heart on my ankle) so i would be up to getting a simple logo like this (see below) on a hidden area, no ideas yet. i love the original logo with the yellow but im not keen on color tattoos, only black or white ink.
finally ill leave you with some batman tattoos i found that were ugly, outrageous or just made me laugh, enjoy :]

 too much
 tramp stamp? eww
 you dont mix those two, grr
 hatersss. he is def not gay
 crazyyy, wish it woulda come out better

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