Thursday, August 11, 2011


hahahaha omg sorry lawon you dug your own game and are officially the worst floater/game player in big brother history.  brenden fights like hell & crushes lawon (with the help of cheerleader rachel) and rachel's face the entire episode is what im assuming is her "o-face" and im actually happy to see her and brenden reunited. we can see more of this: rachel can stop being like this:

 now the veterans (minus daniele) can kick out other idiotic players (kalia and daniele). itll be great, i cant wait for jeff to rip kalia a new one.  although my number ones are jeff and jordan forever im still extremely happy that brenden and rachel are back to fight and make this show so much more entertaining.  now to see who wins the next HOH, hoping that jeff or jordan gets it.  anyone BUT daniele, please lol

it amazes me that the tolken dude from this season (lawon) is so stupid versus the tolken gay dude from last season (regan) who was almost a master mind, im disapointed

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