Tuesday, August 16, 2011

beautiful tattoos 1

ive just been browsing on google at random tattoos and ive found some that i wouldn't get but i think they are so beautiful and a appriciate them.

this is the only butterfly tattoos i love.  butterflies are so cliche but i find this one classy and it is not trampy.  the monarch butterfly is realtistic and how it is flying up the back looks really good.

i even like it before it was colored in.

this is my tattoo, yes it is very small and simple but thats why i like it.  its a heart so ill never get sick of it and it is in a place that will not stretch or get distorted. it was a great 1st tattoo.

this is the tattoo that the girl who played tea on the u.s. version of skins has, they included it into the show and i love it.  the font & the saying which is from a poem by c.c. cummings.  i dont like the placement but she is extremly skinny so she can pull it off.

as you can see i love saying tattoos so i also love megan fox's side tattoo. it says " and those who danced were thought to be insane by those who couldn't hear the music"

she also has the onlyyy face tattoo i like, which is of maryln monroe. but i heard that she is getting it removed so im a little sad.

well ill post some more tattoos that i enjoy soon so stay posted

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