Thursday, August 18, 2011

big brother (jeff)

on this season of big brother and the 11th season of big brother jeff was and is my favorite, including his girlfriend jordan. he is smart, he is cute, he is just a great guy, also he's from chicago (represent!).  so i was heart broken when i saw on yesterday's episode that he smokes. bummer!

but then i saw online that he stated that he never really smoked befroe but being in the house is so stressful that he buckled.  this relieves me and so christopher and i would still adopt him and jordan into our marriage if we could ;]

also tonight's episode will be scary and im afraid that daniele (a disgrace to my own name, i hate her) will take either adam or shelly of the block and backdoor rachel or brenden. that would flip the whole house around for the rest of the game.

oh and ps i found a picture of rachel's o face...

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