Friday, August 19, 2011

places i want to travel to

i do not want to have children, i never have and i am the oldest of 4 children, with many years in between, so i have already been through helping multiple children grow up.  so when i get older i want to travel. not a lot but i have a few places i def want to go to with christopher and if i do like traveling then maybe i will find other places.

the first is automatic, ive always wanted to travel to Europe, and more specific my first stop would be Italy. i am part Italian but i have always loved the city and people.  i want to see the trevi fountain and the colosseum in rome and of course from watching the move "under the tuscan sun" i want to see the country lands of italy.  i dont know if i'd be too fond of driving on the oppisite side of the road tho.

secondly would be greece.  my relatives became very close with a family from greece so being around them i have learned to love the culture, it is one of the most beautiful places and the people are amazing, so kind and laid back.  if i could have chosen my heritage i would have chosen to be greek.  the food is fantastic and i want to see all the beautiful houses and beachs and small stores. 

thirdly would be mine and christopher's honeymoon.  i want to go somewhere tropical to relax and i want to go to a white sand beach so badly.  the exact tropical place is undecided yet.  my first thought is Jamica if i want to travel outside the states, my second chocie would be Hawaii becasue i think it is the most beautiful place too.  of course i would want to scuba dive or some activity like that but christopher is terrified of fish and we are both uneasy about being in large bodies of water.  either way it would be relaxing and exclusive, yet sociable.

fouth is a place that me and christopher would both love to go to but not for our honeymoon.  (paris is the city of love though) the places to visit are amazing, i want to see the eiffel tower, and he wants to go to that museum with the glass triangle.  i think it is a beautiful city and i loved learning about the french revolution when i was younger.

the last place i positivly want to go to before i die is britain.  i love the accents, the history, the places. everything. they make the best tv shows and some of the food is delicious lol i want to ride a double decker bus also lol

well as i am a broke ass college student i will have to stay at home and dream of the places that i want to go to.  i see the world as bigger than us and i want to see it all.  and for now i will have to only travel a hour north to visit my wonderful city of chicago, whichi am perfectly fine with :]

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