Tuesday, August 16, 2011

how i met your mother

so i got my boyfriend (christopher) the 4th season of how i met your mother, one of the bestttt shows ever written.  i got it for him 1.) because he only has 1 thru 3 and 2.) because ive been trying to watch them in order and i was dying to continue.  so as soon as i gave it to him i imeditally borrowed it from him and am watching it now. 

so as i watch it it always makes me happy, no matter what my problems are, im in love with lily and marshall. me & christopher can relate to them, they had been together for a long time (9 years) until they got married. the only difference is 1.) they met in college whereas we me in high school and 2.) they want kids.  but as much as i want our realtionship to be as sucessful as lily & marshall's i have to remind myself that they are a fictional relationship and fictional characters.  also i'd say that me & christopher are more comfortable with each other ( lily and marshall have odd things about bathroom rules) and i never had a crazy bf before christopher (scooter...eww)

otherwise they are the best couple (even if fake) ive ever seen and it is what me and christopher strive to be, and that makes me happy.

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